The Tejada Kennels started in the early 60’s with Boxers and Pyrenean Mountain dogs and then Bedlington Terriers and of course until recently our beloved Yorkshire Terriers . Prior to that with my father and his Pekingese. We are a three generation family being involved in the dog world

The story of Tejada Bichon Frise started in 1976 when I first saw articles on this breed My friends Frank Vallely and Rudy Van Vorst told me they were also interested and had arranged for 2 bitches and a dog to be imported. The two bitches were from the Leander Kennels in the UK and the dog was the famous Jazz de la Buthiere from France I immediately placed an order with them for a puppy from the first litter to be born and then a stud later to that female (Ch. Azara Anita born 17th May 1978) to their other import Looping de la Buthiere from France. I was very fortunate to be able to purchase from Dianne Crosby -Browne her first import Leander Snow Bubble Born 10th May 1976 thus the breeding programme started with these bitches and my dogs Ch Daldorado Demis and Ch.Tejada Le Fanfaron “Demis” being the top producing sire in his time and the only sire of a Best In Show at a Royal Show (Adelaide)

Our breeding has been the foundation of most Australian Kennels and a new beginning to others Tejada has produced 63 champions  and Tejada has had 15 other prefix champions. Many of our Champions have been Best in Show winners and most have been Best in Group in Group and In show winners.

Tejada has 11 import bichons hoping these have made a contribution to the breed and the show ring. Our dogs have been the winners under every breed specialist that has visited and judged in this country including the two Nationals held by the former Bichon Frise Club of New South Wales Both of these shows had over 100 exhibits I had the pleasure of being invited by The Bichon Frise Club of America to co- judge the “Breeder of The Year” at their National Specialty My co-judges were Dale Hunter of Canada and Geraldine Church of Mexico This was an incredible honour for me. I have been to all three International Bichon Frise Congresses in London Sydney and Los Angeles and represented Australia in London on the Panel with Rick Beauchamp, Ferelith Hamilton Andrew Brace and Lars Adenheimer. In Sydney on the Breeder Panel with other Australian breeders and visitors from other countries In Los Angeles on the International Panel from 12 countries . I have been invited by many to lecture to judges on the breed and had the pleasure on doing this on many occasions.

 To my home base by the Victorian Canine Association By the Tasmanian Canine Association The New Zealand Kennel Club on two occasions the Singapore Kennel Club in conjunction with the Singapore Toy Dog Club and the Japan Kennel Club in conjunction with the Bichon Frise Club of Japan I was a foundation member of The Bichon Frise Club of Victoria and a foundation member of the former Bichon Frise Club of New South Wales and now been honoured as a Life Member of the current Bichon Frise Club of New South Wales An Honorary member of the Bichon Frise Club of Japan.

I am continually gaining information from the BFCA health committee re any health problems there are or may be arising in the breed . I am a devotee of the breed and will continue as long as God sees fit to keep breath in my body. Hopefully to continue to lecture to the new and upcoming judges for the purpose of keeping the breed type I have to thank my mentor Mr Richard Beauchamp (USA) for his guidance and help also Jackie Ranson (UK) and Wendy Streatfield (UK) for showing me their admiration for my dogs

And of course take a look at our past World Class Yorkshire Terriers.

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